If you’re an aspiring bartender then there must be a lot of questions you would need answers for. And the most important of these questions would be – is bartending school necessary? Every bar owner wants to hire well trained professionals to be able to maximize profits and the best way to become a well trained professional is to attend École du Bar formation and study. But is it necessary to attend a school for bartending, or can you just do a short training course or work as a barback for experience first? This article will help you answer all these questions.


Most bar owners look for experience over certificates for hiring a new bartender. However, having a certificate from a reputable bartending school will boost your application over the competition by a couple of notches. Moreover, having a certificate to show would also tell the bar owner that you are serious about this career and that you are trained in the basics of bartending.

It is likely that you will first get hired as a barback, however having a certificate will help you get faster promotions and become a bartender in no time.


Going to bartending school has various benefits. These are:

  • Bartending schools give pro level guidance to amateurs and teach you from the basics of mixing drinks.
  • They provide a safe space to practice skills and learn to showboat while mixing drinks.
  • Going to a bartending school will help build your confidence as a pro bartender and help develop your people skills.
  • While attending the bartending school, you tend to generate a network of colleagues and most bartending schools also provide placement opportunities for graduates.


The cost of going to a bartending school is an important factor to consider as your income should be able to cover this amount up quickly and also help you live comfortably.

Most bartending schools charge a fee ranging between $200 and $600 for a full 40 hour course. Besides this, bartending schools provide an in-person hands on experience in a bar free of charge.

Now, to see if the income will cover this up, most bartenders earn between $50 and $200 a night from tips alone, and the average wage of a bartender in a city is $40 per hour. Using these numbers, you should be able to cover up the fee of your course and live a comfortable life within a month alone.