As a parent, it is your duty to give your children whatever is required in making them an able human being. There are various different things needed to do that. The most important in this regard is safety. You should ensure that your children are safe all the time. And then there is education. It is needed in making them move forward with the time. Children will need the right quality education which should be given to them. It is the basic birth right of each and every one of them. There are many schools out there which promises of giving you the best but for them it is about the money which they are earning. One school which takes it’s job pretty seriously is Little Leaders.

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Little Leaders is considered as one of the best school in Delhi-NCR with its branches spread to other regions of the country. When children are of play school age, it is the first time when they are stepping out of the house for the purpose of education. We completely understand this and therefore our education is in the form of playful activities such as singing, dancing etc. We don’t want children to feel burdened by exams and textbooks at such as tender age.

The concept of play school is a simple one. Here, similarly aged children, 2-4.5 years are taught together under the supervision of an adult. This will also help them in making new friends and socializing with each other. The problems of solution can be found out together. They will learn in finding out different solutions to one problem. Little Leaders is not just a play school but emphasis is given on providing special attention to each child’s mental physical and emotional growth.

Education is the most dangerous weapon to change the world. We provide exactly this without compromising with the likes of children. Playing is as important to them as breathing. Little Leaders understands this and works along the same lines. Teaching is done in way so that children can increase their curiosity. All the things which children will notice will be different and new, there will be a lot of questions in their mind. We encourage them in asking question which will help in their learning process.

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We aim at making children expressive and innovative by instilling life skills in them. We have a unique teaching methodology in the form of inquiry based learning which is given to them to excel at reading, listening, asking and learning. There are various challenges which may occur in teaching kids. One of the biggest in this regard is of attention. Children have an imaginative mind which does not let them focus in one place. But with help of our curriculum, it is easier for children to focus in one place. Each and every child is born a naturalist. They have unique talent hidden inside and our main aim is to identify this talent and help them in honing that skill.

Little Leaders is a playschool where there is a lot to offer to each and every student. From engaging class room activities to developing their skills through singing and dancing, Little Leaders goes an extra mile to create curiosity among the children.

Little Leaders provide culturally sound environment, right values, child centric approach and self paced learning mechanism and is the leading name in promoting child development across India without pressurizing children with books and studies.