The mobile industry is one of the largest working sectors in the world. It relies heavily on consumer data for their success. In today’s world, mobile is not just used to make phone calls like traditional phones. With the introduction of smartphones, we now control almost everything in our lives. The mobile companies understood the requirement of their users through the feedback data and added many new features to the traditional phones.

How do big companies collect data?

With the introduction of smartphones, came multiple smart apps that helped a user to control various aspects of their lives with just one device. In return, these mobile applications collect data from the user, such as the amount of time one is spending on a specific app or the contact details provided during Signup for promotional activities. Some application also encourages the users to fill a survey and know their opinion. Not just the applications, but the mobile manufacture also take regular feedback from its customer regarding the issues he or she is facing in the device. Many Data Analytics Courses have recently been made that helps the mobile industry professional learn data analyzing more efficiently.

How does it help them?

Regular feedback from the customers in the form of data helps the mobile companies to know customer needs and the problems they are facing. To rectify a consumer issue, they either provide an online update based on the data provided by numerous devices or launch a new device based on customer expectations. The data not only helps to provide a good customer service experience but also helps to design the upcoming devices based on customers view.

According to a recent survey, people spend 15-20% of their time on smartphones to make phone calls. The rest 80% of their time is spent on activities such as communication app, web browsing, using social apps, gaming, TV, watching videos and much more. The data helps the mobile companies to build devices that are more specific to gaming or running social apps, depending on what the consumer likes to spend the most time on. If you want to be a part of this booming industry, you can opt for one of the Data Analytics Courses available online and offline that helps you learn this necessary skill.

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