Nowadays, schools meet different challenges related to the safety and security of children but one of the biggest challenges is to pick up the kids after school. It doesn’t seem possible for parents due to shortage of time as it is a time consuming task. Therefore, school boards and some licensed child care centers operate after school pick programs. They make sure about the safety of kids and that the children should enjoy reliable care. It has reduced the burden of the parents. It has created a bridge among school, parents, children and driver to fill the existing gap.

There are many care management software developed to deal with the security. It is an efficient tool used for scheduling, maintaining attendance record, doing enrollment, transportation etc. but apart from this it is beneficial for pick services.

It has reduced the effort of parents because they can know whatever is happening in their child’s school in real-time using parent communication app. They can pay fees and download the receipt, track the location of their children etc, sitting at home.

Working of school pick up programs:

  • A page is made on the app for the driver’s monthly pick up task which includes date, name of the school, total number of students with their names who are in need of pickups. It ensures safety and makes it easier for the parents and school staff to keep a track of the students.
  • The drivers can inform you about picking and dropping of the students by completing the check-ins using the app. 
  • Each student will have his own personalized schedule for transportation. You can easily create or update the schedule.

Programs to increase safety and security of children:

  1. Fetch kids: It efficiently runs and organize the entire process. It is very reliable because it has a unique GPS tracking tool that uses Google map. It creates a list that consists of all the vehicles that are going to fetch your kids or drop them. It immediately informs the parents and school about the cancellation and modification of pickup schedule. 
  2. Pick up patrol: In this parents decide how their children should be picked up and this information immediately reaches the educational institutions using the app. This can print passes for bus and car and also keeps the record of all the absentees.
  3. Shuttlle4kidz: This program has a huge varieties of transportation features like:
  • One way trip 
  • Two way trip 
  • Unlimited and random schedules
  1. Quick pick up: Using this, parents can review the notice board and schedule of the school. It reduces the waiting time of the parents. It sends a notification when the child is picked up and dropped.