We use Mathematics at every stage of our life. In order to complete any task we use mathematical tricks and techniques. We wake up to the sound of an alarm which measures time in the form of seconds. We make food by measuring the ingredients how much sugar and other items are required to make food. We purchase bus ticket and count the money, how much is required. Our hole work is according to mathematics. We calculate our expenses at the end of the month and organize our savings accordingly.

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Mathematics is one of the main subject in Engineering and Technology. It is widely used in most of the fields like physics, chemistry, biology, economics, psychology, sociology and various fields of engineering and technology like civil, mechanical, computers, rockets and communication. It can also be used in arts, drawing and music. Mathematics is one of the most favourite subject of scientists and researchers. Because it gives them new ideas and concepts. It is the prime soul of engineering and technology departments. Mathematics is the backbone of the whole world to bring new inventions and innovations as well. Mathematics is an useful subject in operational research like Linear Programming, CPM and PERT used in research as well as in business world. These techniques are used to minimize cost and maximize profit. In one word, we can say that Mathematics is the most essential subject for career building. Mathematics is required for our personal and professional growth. In our daily life we feel the importance of this subject.

Logic behind Mathematics:-

It forces one to learn how to think logically and solve problems using that skill. It enables us to use abstraction and logic. The earliest use of mathematics were in trading, land measurement, painting and weaving of clothing patterns and have the sense of time and to record it. Actually, Mathematics is a subject needs some great logics and tricks. A question can be solved through different techniques. Firstly you will have to understand the question. Once you become able to understand the question, you are almost near to the answer. Do you have a good imagination and logical mind? If no, develop it. Because mathematics needs assessment.

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Mathematics is an exact solution of so many problems of our daily life. It was first used in commerce, land measurement, making building and later astronomy. But now use of mathematics is everywhere. Mathematics can be subdivided into study of quantity, structure, space and degree of change which is arithmetic, algebra, geometry and analysis. There are also other fields like recursion theory, model theory and proof theory as well as theoretical computer science, set theory and study of certainty and uncertainty.

Mathematics is not a hard subject to learn whatsoever. It is very easy. So many students don’t want to learn it, because they are afraid to learn Mathematics. They prefer to go with other subjects. We will have to change our old mindset. Remove this mentality and learn.