Mathematics is the concept that has its roots in the ancient Period. The terms decimal and infinity were identified at that period too. History of Mathematics came into existence at around 6000 BC whose elaborate proof is in Vedah. The Indian name of mathematics is GANIT..

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When Indian Beez Ganit reached Arab, they called it ‘Algebra’. Algebra was name of the Arabic book that described the ‘Indian concepts of mathematics’. And thus from then the Beez Ganit was referred to as Algebra.

This is the reason why intellectuals of India gave special importance to the development of Mathematics, from the very beginning. Its history is quite ancient and long back. India had acquired great achievements at the time when awareness about it was negligible in Arab and Europe,

History of Mathematics is really appealing as the concept of it is given importance from starting.

Following is a brief recapulation of how India Become the guru of Mathematics at a certain period.-

People from Arab and other countries of world use to travel to India for trade and commerce.

While doing commerce, side by side, they also learnt the Indian easy calculation methods.

This lead to the gateway to reach the knowledge to Europe.

With the passage of time, many inquisitive foreigners visited India and they delivered their gathered knowledge to their countries.

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So, it wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that till 12th century India became the World Guru in the area of Mathematics.

An Overview on History of Indian Mathematics:

The Geometric Regularity was known my Indus valley civilization but no known mathematical documents survived from that time.[2600-1900 BC]

Sulbha Sutras[800 BC-200 AD] gave simple rules for

Constructing alters of various shapes, such as squares, rectangles, parallelograms etc.

circle with approximately the same area as a given square

the square root of 2 to several decimal places

Pythagorean Theorem.

Panini[5thCentury BC]gave concept like-

transformations, and recursion

binary numeral system

combinatories of meters

Future of Mathematics:-

Future of Mathematics is appealing and lucrative as it would be a subject to be studied with due diligence.

The volume of data to be analyzed being produced by science and industry, facilitated by computers, is explosively expanding.

the most notable thing being that the subject is growing ever larger, computers are ever more important and powerful and the application of mathematics to bioinformatics is rapidly expanding,