You do well in class, you volunteer to read your essays or answer questions, you’re hands-on with group projects, perhaps you even excel at homework assignments. All in all, you’re a great student. Your professors love you and wish they had more like you in class. There is just one thing that you’ve never been crazy about or good at – exams. When it’s time for a pop quiz or test, you immediately begin to feel panicked and even after trying your best, your grade reflects poorly.

Why Are You Failing?

Keeping this pace can ruin your GPA and even prevent you from being in certain college organizations. You know something needs to be done, but what? In order to test better on quizzes and exams, first, you’ll need to identify the problem.

You’re Not Interested

Unfortunately, not every topic in college is going to be geared towards your line of interest. There will be subject matters that bore you. This, could in turn, cause you to zone out or make poor attempts at retaining information for the test.

You can combat this by trying to find ways to make the topic relatable to you or something you’re interested in. For example, if you struggle with math, making a song out of formulas or equations can make it easier to remember.

You’re Too Busy

It can be tempting to want to get socially involved on a college campus. There’s everything from sports teams to greek organizations for you to join. In getting involved, however, if you’re not careful it can take precedence over your studies. Students who are too busy often don’t have time to study and are too focused on other priorities in class to really get the full learning experience.

If schoolwork is falling further down the list of priorities you need to reconsider your schedule. Stepping down from high-level positions on teams or organizations or minimizing the amount of activities you’re involved in is advised.

You Have Test Anxiety

Before a test  do your palms get sweaty? Do you find it difficult to focus? Does your heart start racing? Do you feel so panicked that you want to skip the test altogether? If so, you could be dealing with test anxiety. Feelings of this magnitude felt on a regular basis can result in the physical and mental breakdown of your health, so you should act. You can calm those nerves by being prepared through study and making sure you’re well-rested and had a well-balanced meal.

You Have a Fear of Public Speaking

Does your test or exam revolve around a presentation you must give before the class? If so, this is enough to make you panic. You could have a genuine fear of public speaking that hinders you from performing well. Your words are slurred, hands are shaking, and body is sweating making it challenging for you to portray your message in the right light. You can use CBD for public speaking. This is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from the hemp and marijuana plant most famous for reducing anxiety.

You’re a Procrastinator

You may have been able to prepare for a test the few minutes before school and pass when you were younger, but college exams and quizzes are often more involved. As young adults, your professors often want to challenge you to think outside of the box and text to learn. This means that the answers aren’t always in black and white and require a great deal of time to prepare for.

It is important to stop procrastinating. Set time aside to study for a test. Determine what needs to be studied, the date of the test, and then create a daily schedule to learn the information so you’re not cramming it all in at the last minute.

If your college exams are getting the best of you and ruining your grades, it is important to act. The first thing is to determine why you’re failing, then work on a solution to avoid it in the future. Though these are just a few of the reasons you might be slipping up on tests, there are other more serious issues that you may need help with like a learning disability or mental health problem. If this is the case, talk with campus counselors to find assistance.