One of the most important aspects to think when you go for admission at York University is the apartment hunting. Searching for a place to live in an entirely new city is not as easy as you are not aware of the environment, expected costs, neighborhood, facilities available etc.

This article will help you provide some tips to find apartments in Quad at York University.

  1.    Spread the word that you are searching for an apartment:

One of the easiest ways is letting your friends know that you are looking for an apartment in Quad at York University. Friends suggest flat only when it is good to live in.

  1.    Plan to shift in winters:

Quad at York University costs less in winters. Relocation at that time is cheaper.

  1.    Does your mobile get signals in your new apartment?

In today’s era of connectivity, imagine mobile signals not coming in your mobile. It is always wise to sure that your mobile has full signals in your would be a new apartment. Otherwise, you will always be running out of room to talk.

  1.    Test for washroom and kitchen fittings:

This is the final thing you should check before signing the lease and ask for repair if any.

  1.    Check for damage or pest:

Always open all wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, washroom cabinets to ensure that there is no damage or pest living in the hidden areas. If present, ask the landlord to fix all issues.

  1.    Always check for previous electric and heating bill:

Instead of asking for a quote of electric and heating bills, always insist for previous bills to check whether the bills fit into your pocket or not.

  1.    Are the rooms spacious to fit your furniture?

When you start searching for a new apartment in Quad at York University, take an estimate of your furniture size. In search of your apartment in Quad in York University, first of all, ensure whether the furniture gets into the door or not and are they fitting in the room. You can carry a measuring tape along with you.

  1.    Is your car insurance still valid if you get into a new area in Quad at York University?

Sometimes, car insurance changes with the change in location. Always call your insurance company to check the changes in your car insurance policy. If there are changes, whether they will be costing too much is another point to analyze to suit your budget.

  1.    Spend two days in the place you plan to lease:

Good landlords will always allow a two night spend to finally check out the things. So, always do that.

  1.    Check for pet living and calculate their fees.  

Some apartments don’t allow you to keep certain breeds of dogs such as German Shepherds, Chows, Pitt Bulls etc. Calculate pet fees before you decide.