Most of the time we are sitting down using our computers. We sit at desks, tables, chairs or sometimes just with our computers on our laps. However, there are plenty of situations where we need to use our computer’s standing up. We may find ourselves standing at a computer during presentations or lectures while moving from room to room in a technical setting, or even just for the health benefits of not sitting all day. No matter what the reason for needing to stand at a computer, there is a type of computer podium that will fit your needs. Here is a list of the most common types of computer podiums.

Desktop Computer Podiums

Laptops are meant to be portable and easy to move around but what do you do if you have a desktop computer that you need to be portable or raised higher than standard desk level? Get a desktop computer podium! These podiums will have a built-in space for the monitor on the top and accessible storage space for the tower on the bottom. This will allow you to access the information on your desktop while traveling to different locations within a room or office or giving a presentation from the front of the room.

Laptop Computer Podiums

Laptop podiums can be as simple or as complex as you need. There are many laptop computer podiums that are nothing more than a flat shelf on a pole. These can be static to allow you to put down your laptop while standing or be on wheels to let the shelf travel with you. You can also find laptop podiums that include all types of storage space and extra features that make them very versatile units. There are even traditional, standard podiums that include a pull-out shelf to hold your laptop while presenting.

Mobile Computer Podiums

As discussed above, mobile computer podiums do not just hold or house one type of computer. Their main feature is being on wheels for ease of movement. You will see these types of podiums often times in places like doctor’s offices, science labs, and auto repair shops. It allows workers to take their computer with them from person to person or station to station without having to switch devices.

Lectern Computer Podiums

Lecterns are tall stands to hold books, notes or computers while speaking to a group. You can use lectern style computer podiums with laptops or desktops. The main feature here is a large shelf on top that can hold a computer and any other presentation supplies you may need. Again, these can be simple or more complex. Many units also have shelving, hidden from the front where presenters can keep their bags, water, remote controls or any other supplies they would like to discreetly keep in front of a room.

Stand Up Desks

Studies show that many Americans sit for up to 70% of the day. This is bad for people’s overall health. It can lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and an overall lack of energy. This state can be bad, not just for people’s physical health but for their mental health as well. This is why standing desks are becoming more and more popular. Standing desks allow people to have all the functionality and convenience of their normal sitting desks but can be used from a more healthy, standing position. There are standing desks that are slightly adjustable for height or convertible standing desks that transform from a sitting desk for a standing one for ultimate workplace flexibility.

Multi-Media Computer Podiums

An offshoot or upgrade of a traditional computer podium is the multimedia podium. Part podium, part desk, part lectern this style has everything you need for almost whatever you need it for. The key feature here is that this podium is not just to hold your computer but to do a multitude of things. This can include features like microphones, projection hookups, and a multitude of AV and sound features as well. You will often see these in larger conference rooms or lecture halls. They are technologically advanced versions of the computer podium.


As you can see, computer podiums have a wide range of options to choose from and the pricing varies based on what features you would like. No matter what your business, your personal needs or your style of your computer, there is a computer podium out there that is right for you.